Top Tips to Write Methodology Section of a Dissertation

Writing an excellent dissertation methodology is a crucial part of your research document. Your methodology dictates how reliable your research would appear to others. You have to show the research methods you have chosen suit the research.

No pressure but you want to get it right!

Before we go into writing a good methodology for dissertation, you want to take a moment to understand what a dissertation methodology is.

A good dissertation methodology definition is – it’s the part where you show a step-by-step breakdown of the methods used in your research such that other researchers can replicate your results. You don’t only justify your methods, you also show how you used them.

Now that you understand what a dissertation method is, it’s time to learn how to write methodology section of dissertation. With these tips, you would find it easier to write the methodology section of your dissertation.

Tip 1: Study Other Methodologies

Before you start writing your dissertation methodology, before you even chose a methodology, study the methodology used by other researchers in your field. You can ask your supervisor to point you in the direction of scholars that have written dissertations in your field. The library is always a friend too!

Reading the methodologies of other scholars would give you an insight into the methodology to use and what your methodology should look like. A dissertation methodology case study makes it easier to write yours.

Tip 2: Plan It Out!

Don’t just start writing once you have read samples. You need a written, structured plan. This plan would ensure that you do a good job of defending your chosen research methods. Your plan should include your aim, data analysis, and references.

Note that the plan for a theoretical dissertation methodology might differ slightly from a scientific one. You can show your outline to your supervisor to check if you missed anything and followed the right structure.

Tip 3: Who’s Reading?

You are surely not writing your dissertation for your sole pleasure. So, it is logical that you consider others that would read your work when writing your dissertation methodology. You want to ensure that they understand every bit of what you have done to get the results in your paper. 

If you have used a common research method in your discipline, you would find that you don’t need to provide lots of explanation and background information. However, if you have chosen to approach your research in a relatively new way, you want to take time to explain your choice to other scholars that might pick up your dissertation.

The justification would make it possible for them to use these methods in the future. It would also make it easier to reproduce the results of your work. Therefore, always keep your audience in your mind.

Tip 4: Stay with the Aim and Objectives

One of the hallmarks of a good dissertation methodology is that it shows how the methods used help in achieving the research aim. It lends credibility to your work if your research methods align with the aim and objectives of your research.

As you write your chosen research method, write on why you chose that method and how it helps you achieve your aim and objectives. You can write a clear question of your research aim at the beginning of your methodology section. It would help you stay on track with your aim and objectives.

Tip 5: Mention the Challenges

There will be challenges, even if you chose the best research methods. It is expected. Take time to write out these challenges in your methodology. It might have been like the stress of collecting the data for a questionnaire methodology dissertation or with the analysis of data.

Whatever the challenges and problems you encounter during the research, take time to discuss them and write how you overcame these challenges. Writing your difficulties would also help you minimize and eliminate any perceived weaknesses or critiques of your research methods.


Writing methodology for dissertation is one of the biggest hurdles to cross in completing the requirements for your Ph.D. With the tips we have provided above, you shouldn’t find it hard to finish your dissertation methodology in record time.

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