The Best Dissertation Methodology Example

Your dissertation methodology comes up after your literature review. It details your approach to your research and why you chose that approach. There is no mistaking that it is important to the credibility of your paper.

So, you are here looking for the best dissertation methodology example to follow in your research. The truth is there is no example like that!

Research methods are numerous and the style of writing a dissertation methodology differs from department to department. What you can get for certain is a dissertation methodology layout that would help you write the best dissertation methodology for your paper.

We have highlighted what needs to go into the perfect methodology and what you should not write.

Components of the Best Dissertation Methodology

While styles of writing differ, every good example methodology dissertation should have the following characteristics.

  • Your Research Questions

Yes, you have mentioned them before but you need to do a little recap in your methodology. It doesn’t have to be word for word what you stated before though. Just show how your methodology would help to answer these questions. It would serve as a way of linking your literature review and methodology.

  • Your Method or Design Description

This part is the heart of your dissertation methodology. Remember it doesn’t make up the methodology on its own though. You describe the process you’re using to gather your data or how you’re answering the research question.

It has to be clear and detailed. Another scholar should be able to recreate your results by following your methodology. If you are taking a new theoretical approach, ensure you explain the theory well enough that another person can apply it to a different problem.

  • The Methodology Background and Your Reasons

A description of the methodology is not enough! You also need to explain why you have chosen that method and how it helps to answer your research problems. Your explanation should draw from your literature review, showing a scholarly background and yet show that you were creative in your research method choice.

  • An Honest Evaluation

You would have noticed it already. Your research methods are not perfect! Well, no research method is ever. Give an honest evaluation of the lapses of your research methods. While you show its limitations, don’t forget to justify why you think the chosen research method is the best for your purposes.

Once you have these components in your dissertation methodology, you have the best methodology for the dissertation sample that you can ever get. However, there are other things that you don’t want to see in your methodology.

Things to Avoid!

These red flags can take the best dissertation methodology way down to a recipe for an F grade. You should avoid making these mistakes in your methodology.

  • An in-depth review of different methodologies
  • Long, detailed lists of equipment and procedures
  • Raw data reproduction

Once you steer away from these three bad guys and stick to the components above, you have the perfect methodology example dissertation, regardless of department. If you have been required to write a methodology proposal, you can just write short notes on these components.

Viola! A methodology dissertation proposal example that no one can fault!

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