7 Tips to Write a Methodology for a Master’s Dissertation

Writing a dissertation for a Master’s is a big task no doubt. There are a lot of processes to it from choosing a topic to editing your final draft. Right in the middle of all these parts, you need to write is your research methodology.

Many students ignore it till the last minute assuming it would be easy to write. After all, you know the methods you want to use in analyzing your research, right? The thing is, a methodology is much more! Now, you want to start writing or you have written something and realized that you’re not getting it.

You are left wondering how to write a methodology for a Master’s dissertation. You don’t have to wonder anymore. We would give you all the tips that’ll make your dissertation methodology a winner.

How to Write a Masters Dissertation Methodology

The first tip that you need to understand is that there is no perfect Master’s dissertation methodology example anywhere. What works for a field might not work for another. That’s why you need to know what goes into a good methodology.

These tips cover all that you need to include in your dissertation methodology.

  1. State your Research Approach

Your research approach determines the methods you use in your research. It would make it easier for readers to follow your work. A quantitative approach shows that you’re dealing with numbers and stats. A qualitative approach, on the other hand, indicates subjective research.

  1. Describe!

Details are essential in a dissertation methodology. Ensure you explain how you gathered your data and analyzed it. You can also describe the sampling method if you used samples. This is the part your grand methodology statement for the dissertation goes.

  1. Justify your Choice

There is a range of other methods and approaches you could take to your research. So, you have to explain why you chose the one. You can justify it by how it helps you answer your research problem or how it has been used in similar studies.

  1. Show the Limitations

Every methodology has its weaknesses. Show the limitations of your methods. You should, however, indicate why you think it’s the best choice despite these limitations.

  1. Obey the Ethics

Modern research, especially those with human subjects, requires certain ethical standards. Your methodology should show that you obeyed these ethics. If your research also demands confidentiality or consent, you should indicate how you protected your subjects.

  1. Generalized Applicability

Your dissertation methodology should be general enough that it is valid to other populations. You should only choose a methodology that would be generally applicable within your field of study. Another person should be able to use your methodology for a similar study.

  1. Appendices

The appendix is where you put all the indirectly relevant materials that you can’t add when writing a methodology chapter dissertation. It contains your questionnaires, consent forms, and what have you. This part allows you to keep the methodology as simple and clear as possible.

Armed with these procedures in dissertation methodology, you should no longer find it hard to write your Master’s dissertation methodology. You can always contact us if you need any extra help!

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